Question by A Free Man: How does this protein bar sound?
oats, maple syrup, wheat germ, flax seed, peanut butter, cinnamon, dried fruits and raw almonds.Everything is organic and used in small amounts. Is this healthy?

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Answer by too.muchtv
Sounds good. It reminds me of another protein bar recipe that I’ve seen, but they added coconut to it. Said it worked better than Gu chews for long runs.

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Question by asdfsadf: Latinas i need your help….how do you make the best tortillas!?
whenever i make tortillas they are only good for the one meal, and if i have extras i can’t refrigerate them because they go stale! so maybe i’m making them wrong! pretty much i use the maseca and just add some water and then use the press and cook them! i know that that is probably not the way and my mother is not a tortilla making woman so i don’t have anyone to teach me! so if you could help me out then i would appreciate it!

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Answer by B
I believe that most people make them fresh daily.
You might be able to make more dough in advance and just press/cook as needed.
Personally, I buy the raw flour tortillas at Costco whenever they have them… they stay good in the refrigerator for days and nothing I make is ever as good as those!

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