I eat mainly all raw foods and Im tired all the time, why?

October 14, 2013

Question by Hannah: I eat mainly all raw foods and Im tired all the time, why?
So I am 15 years old and have been raw for a little over 2 1/2 months.. I started it to get rid of my ace and my skin is almost completely healed… the only time I break out is if I cheat.. which I have because there really is no choice when you go out of town. Anyways, I left the 8th of june for and 8 trip (came back the 16th)… I went backpacking and arrived at my destination with a 25 lb pack on my back.. 6 1/2 hrs to get there on extremely rough and steep terrain.. it was awful stayed there for 3 days and my family and I actually followed the somewhat of a trail and got back in 3 1/2 hrs going up hill.. anyways then we went straight to visit family alot of places in california.. even though I just wanted to go home and sleep… during my time I did cheat with some oat meal in the morning but everything else pretty much the same..

during that trip.. I don’t remember being tired all the time.. I came back and have no energy.. I am lazy and I start to get really tired around 8 pm and I do wake earlier than normal but I usually wake up at 8 and normally I wake up at 9:30 not too much difference though.. but even in the morning and afternoon I am tired…

Now I am just starting to add beans to my diet and my mom says I need more carbs so this morning I had oatmeal… hope that changes something but my normal diet is this:

breakfast: fruit smoothie with raw organic egg yolk stirred in with fork. recently I had oatmeal along side.

snack: fruit and nuts.

lunch: salad with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and avocado.. + lots of other veggies!

snack: nuts and fruit

dinner: another salad that is exactly the same as my lunch but recently have beans on the side as well.. (pinto beans)

dessert: raw honey, banana, and peanut butter..

I normally try and workout but I am way way too tired to even attempt.. I feel like if I try I might faint.. haha

so.. do you think my diet is the problem.. or is it just the over exhaustion from the trip? Will it blow over? My mom is worried lol… because you know.. people who are raw always flaunt about how revived they feel and energized blah blah blah.. but I ate like cr*p before and I was always energized haaa.. but now.. I don’t feel that way anymore.. In beginning I felt fine and normal..

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Answer by R.H.
There are a lot of things that you are doing wrong. 1st you should talk to a Dietitian (a person with a degree in nutrition) to tell you how to do this diet correctly AVOID Nutritionist as they can be anyone and in most countries it does not require training , a degree or license.
from the start, you are eating raw eggs which binds and depletes certain types of vitamins making it harder for your body to make energy. It looks like you are not mixing your foods properly so will not be getting the all the Amino acids that you need and being 15 you next more than an 18 year old.
Talk to people from India who for religious reasons become vegetarians and you will find that many will tell you that they do not encourage those younger than 20 to do this as it is difficult to make sure that you are getting all your nutrients. If you want to continue doing this diet speak to a professional Dietitian to get it from trashing your body otherwise wait three years and try again.

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