Tips for making the change to vegan?

October 21, 2013

Question by Karly: Tips for making the change to vegan?
I’m 20 and I’ve decided to change my lifestyle and become vegan. For now I’m just going to start with a vegan diet so I’m not switching out my shampoos and sandals. So if you could give me some health related tips, good substitutions when cooking, things I need to do for my body, or recipes I’d be very gratefull.

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Answer by praise seitan
get some recipes from or cookbooks from the library or barnes and noble
get sunlight, soymilk or flax oil with DHA.

this is not necessary, but the methylcobalamin version of vitamin b12 is the active form and better than the kind found in most places.

there is no need to adjust to veganism. meat is not a pharmaceutical drug that you need to wean off of

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